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About Stitch ‘n’ Embroidery

Stitch ‘n’ Embroidery was founded in 1994, with two machines in the founder’s home. As our reputation for high quality and thoughtful customer service grew, so did our orders, and so did our business. By 1999, we had moved into our current shop, and we now fill orders from corporations large and small on our own machines in a 4,000 square foot space in the Hilltop area of Oregon City, OR.

Investing in technology has been important to us from day one. We use digital design software to create embroidery and printing patterns for our in-house machines. We can sew or print onto any type of garment with incredible speed and accuracy right here in our shop. And we can do it more quickly than you’d expect.

But, technology is useless without great employees. As we’ve invested in powerful equipment, we’ve also invested in a capable team that loves to do quality work. Attention and expertise is vital to get the best out of our machines, and we take pride in making sure our employees are highly trained. Our customers are surprised by what our team can do, and impressed by how well and how fast we can do it.

We look forward to working with you!